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Promotion Lockdown and Mosquito

I would like to take this moment to say thank you for your prayer email and support. You are so dear and such a treasure, and I can't find the words to say how much you are loved. I carry your name everywhere I go and I mention your name to God when I pray, saying 'Dear God, I thank you a thousand times for the unknown person I have met in my life who is the source of my motivation. Throughout my life of hot and cold, summer or sourer, winter and bitter, you have been the motivation for all my achievement and success. Words can't express our friendship and partnership in the gospel, in the country like Nepal, it is beyond words.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am in the project I have been working on. I will start with my sports ministry.

My team promoted to B Division

Why Sports? For me, it is a tool to reach the nation's youth with good news of our lord Jesus Christ.

For more than a decade in sports ministry, as a manager and president, the hard work in it has finally paid off. In April, 2021, my team, Church Boys United, which works in soccer ministry and evangelism, was promoted to national standard in B division. To play one game, which has many matches and they call it a league game, there has to be a working board and 22 good soccer players and they stay together for 3-4 months which means huge sum of money, effort and time. And, throughout all this, the Lord has helped us to show good examples of discipline and discipleship and gave us strength to perform very well in the midst of groups who hate Christians. 98% of the population do not know Christ and it was a good time to witness all through all types of media, like TVs, Papers, Internet, Radios and all. There were 14 teams and what a joy to see my team become a Champion. I want to thank and glorify God, first of all, and to all supporters, prayer partners and fans. Sports ministry is reaching thousands of youths with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My background is athlete and I have used my expertise to promote evangelism and football through it. I want to thank you each and every one for your valuable support. I hope to see the name of Jesus glorified among the thousands in the national stadium.

Lockdown and food needed for poor Families

Nepal is under lockdown for the second time, and this time since April 29. They say it is because of the spread of the CoronaVirus. Church is closed, groceries and banks are open for two hours in the morning. International flights are closed, chartered flights run. Life for the poor is becoming harder and this affects Christians too.
Please help poor people with food because they can't find any work during the shutdown. This is an opportunity to reach out with God's love.

Mosquito net

Two months ago, I mentioned the need of a Mosquito net for the community of untouchable people groups. It is time to buy and give as a love gift to 100 families. One mosquito net cost 10$ including the cost of delivery and distribution. Having a net prevents them from insects and mosquitoes creating disease like Malaria. Untouchable people need God's love because Jesus died for them too. Many untouchables are turning to Jesus for hope and salvation.

Thank you for your support in times like this. It is our joy to share the report with you along with our need as we reach the lost for Jesus. May the Lord supply all your needs as well.
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