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Food for the Hungry

How are you all there? As of today, Nepal is facing nearly three months of lock down which means no work no pay for the poor. We have decided to help the hungry souls.I would like to request you to please join with us to be a blessing to them. Together we bring hope to the hungry and hopeless.
We are fine and so all of our orphans are fine. Pray that none of them get the virus. I do appreciate you for your kind and loving heart to build an orphanage in Nepal where kids are enjoying the home. You will always remain in our hearts and prayers.
There are still more families that need our assistance and I look forward to serving them with you. We would like to reach them with God's love and food supplies and say Jesus loves you. Please send us, we would like to go and give.

For more images of food supplies please click HERE. This is the first program of food distribution. We will do more.