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Big game and The Vow

Big game and the Vow

Dear Friends

In November, I got an unexpected call from the organizer of soccer game. Mr. Reuben would you like to bring your team and play in one cup? Soccer team you should bring should be good team because most of the teams are from first division, said from other side of the phone. I said back we will come and play.

Some one that I knew commented on our participation. He said, how are you going to make it because its the last hour and the competition is going to start in couple of days? You are 3rd division team and fight against the strong 1st division team? I replied to him, we don't participate to win, we participate to show everyone that we belong to Jesus. We have nothing to lose, but if we win, will share our part of the cash prize with the poor.

Game day arrived, and my heart was beating very fast. I prayed to the Lord, Lord I do not pray for the win, but I ask that you name be glorified in the soccer pitch.

We went to the game. I told my boys, let us do the best, let us give 100% because this is our day. The game ended in draw. But since this tournament was in knock out formation, one has to be out. And the decision was taken by the Penalty shot out. We win. Thank you, Jesus. We went to the next round.

In the next match, we were against the strongest team. Our opponent had beaten the strongest team already. A tiny club against big club now. And again, our boys fought the battle, one of my boys clashed with other one and both broke their head and bleeding. But, nothing serious, thank God. Our boy scored the one and only goal and the time was up. We win. As a soccer coach of my team, I kneel down in the ground and gave glory to God. We are through to final round.

The day before the final match. One of my Pastor from the Mountain called me and said one of his disciple home completely burned, with no food, cooking item of anything and no clothes at all. They, with their little babies are sleeping with goats at shivering night. I prayed to the Lord and said, we will help this poor family in need with whatever cash prize we get from the game.

On the final match day arrived which had cash prize of 12000USD for the winner, and 6000USD for the runner up. We played well, but lost the game in final. We still got second prize. I first separated 46875 Rs, equivalent US$660 to the fire victim family along with other support and food, clothes and cooking items. Poor family didn't know we were coming, it was a surprise visit, but when I told them these all materials are for you including the cash. They were overwhelmed. Everyone became happy. 

I am so glad because I was able to fulfill my vow from the big game.

Merry Christmas to you. God bless you.
Reuben and Rita with Rosanna and Reuel
Kathmandu Nepal

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2nd Trophy

We gloryfy God for this second trophy. My soccer team with Cheif Minister of Province No. 1 of Nepal.

Fire Victim Nepal

Fire Victim and his children

Fire Victim Family

Fire Victim Family with Check and relief materials

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