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Oct/Nov 18

Peace be to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. I have my report ready. Thank you for all your prayer and support. I rejoice in the Lord when I think of you.

Youth Camp 2018

We had Youth Camp 2018 in Kathmandu Nepal. It was organized in the congregation where I was once Pastor. Youth participated is great enthusiasm. Personally, I was really blessed by seeing youths thirsty for the move of God in their lives.

What impressed me much was youth approaching me and encouraging me to speak to them from the Word, they like to hear. That made my day, I felt I am in right track and I feel I should lead more. I felt that responsibility.

Prison Ministry and Blanket distribution

There are 74 Prison centers and nearly 20,000 inmates living in cells. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, we are advised to visit the imprisoned and encourage inmates to seek new hope. "I was in prison and you visited me" is the famous verse the Lord shared with us. Nepal is the fastest growing Christian population in the World, and many in prison have found new hope in Prison through the efforts of Prison Programs.

Many inmates do not have visitors from home because they can't afford to pay travel fare to meet their loved ones in the other corner of the country. Some are simply abandoned. No body hears their plea. They are forsaken, lonely and depressed. During this type of situation in their life, one comforting word from God can change their lives forever, and this is what is happening right now in prison. Prison cells are becoming a Church. Christ is the answer to them and that's why we are reaching them. We gave away Blankets and prayed for them-this is our cycle. Inmates need medical attention, books and library material, sports activities, food, and Christmas program. This is the way to become the salt of the Earth. I am going to visit prisons and share the Lord's blessings. You can join me in prayer and in finances. 

Sports Outreach and Trophy in Rajghat

I have carried out the gospel through sports to the corners of my country. Sports have become a tool to reach young communities with the gospel. We glorify God in the pitch, we pray and praise God in the field. We played in Khudunabari, Basaha, Butwal, Laxmi Marg and Rajghat in Morang. We got a Trophy from our Last game. All glory to God.

Persecution in Nepal

Peoples' sentiments toward the Christians are hatred and aggressive especially after the law came into effect against the proselytization. They hate Christians and they are very much afraid of the growth of the Christian population in Nepal. In 1990, around 50,000 Christians were in Nepal. In 2018, there are 3 million Christians in Nepal and 12,500 Churches. The 'Heart of Herod' is in panic now and the radical Hindu groups seek to make Nepal a Hindu State again. Rights for Christians to freely exercise their belief is limited now. Open doors put Nepal persecution in "very high" level.

I have seen that many government come and go but not one of them was responsive to the needs and interest of the Christian community in Nepal. The Government knows that Christians don't burn their dead bodies, yet they are forced to do so because they have no cemetery. Many government promise to provide cemetery but it seems they are reluctant and our hopes are vanishing. 

There were arrests and harassment of Christians. In Charikot, 7 Christian did not do any conversion but they were jailed. A Christian leader in Bharatpur were arrested on false charges, four women in west Nepal were arrested.

Not only Nepali, International Christians were also arrested and deported. Indonesian couple were deported when they found they are attending the Church, Australian woman and Nepali women arrested, Indian Missionary arrested and Jailed.

Murder of Debalal

Debalal was fulfilling the great Commission. He was sharing the gospel to a 29 year old man and he prayed for him several times. Man lived over 30 minutes' walk from Debalal home. One night, at 3 am he got message to quickly come over to him and pray for him because the man was sick. Debalal rushed to the home of the person to pray for him. Debalal kneeed down and started to pray for healing with his eyes closed. But the man stood up, went inside, and brought Khukuri, big Nepali knife, and thrush Debalal. Debalal was helpless and he was murdered.

Miracles and healings are happening and Christians in Nepal are active in evangelism. Alert, Caution and Threat are there everywhere but Christians in Nepal are bold and don't seems to be worried. But your prayers for the brothers and sisters in Christ in Nepal are vital and we need your prayers.

Please keep this email safe, it is for you and for your core prayer friends only. I am being watched. We know each other today because we serve the same God in this generation. We live a world apart, but to the spirit there is no distance. If we do not meet in this World, we will surely meet in Heaven. Thank you for reading.


I have more images of the persecuted people, if you want to look, Click Nepal Christian News and put Password is JesusisLord