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A shepherd humbles in silent before the Lord

A life of a Shepherd before the Shearer
By Reuben Rai
On May 5, Kathmandu

He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth.
Isaiah 53:7

This is the Bible verse in the gospel tract that touched the heart of Ramesh Shrestha which was given by Shila Pradhan that eventually led him to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Today Ramesh, one of the oldest person to have lived in faith in Sindhupalchwok and largest in assembly, is rich with more then 400 followers of Jesus with children and adult in his Church and consider himself one of the happiest person in terms of ministry calling, tolerance and fulfillment.

Ramesh' life is incessant like the lowest and tall mountains of Sindhupalchowk. He witnessed the most dreadful experienced of his life on 25 and 26 April when he saw 15 of his beloved people said final good bye to him on the Church day as well as more than hundreds people hospitalized in intensive care unit after devastating incident, called the cruel Earthquake. He saw 7 year old child die after 2 hours struggling to breathe when the lad was hit by rock that sprung from the cliff. He heard the little Sunday school children crying to him for help 'Help, Help' from under the pile of huge floor debris. No one came to help them, not even Armied Police Force who stationed barely 50 meter apart. They eventually broke the roof which was now fallen in the ground flatten; some of the bodies were retrieved only after four days despite their consistent effort to pull bodies from the piles of debris, with the help of Police Force nearby.

This is not the hard times that Ramesh went through. Two years ago Ramesh' wife, who was about to give birth to triplet child, was in hospital and doctor told him to prepare to pay 13000 Rupees per child per night to keep them alive in incubators because of premature birth, 7.5 month, the Children needed to attend special care. Meanwhile his father was in hospital figting against the spirit of cancer and his wife in maternity ward struggling to give birth. Both patient needed desperate help and care as well as money to deposit to keep both of them alive, Mom and Child, and he didn't had a penny. Where would he go now? There was no other place to turn. He set under the tree in hospital yard and cried like he lost the battle. Why God why me? All three were born, healthy and good. Doctor called him on the phone and he was terrified thinking that Doctor would talk about money, his only thought was 13000 cash for each, Incubator and the bills. But the doctor said, congratulation, you have three babies, all are healthy and you don't need to keep them under incubator. He jumped smiling and entered the cabin and put their names as Rachel, Reason and Reward. When the children were born he remembers no more what he went through.

Ramesh remember further back to the time when late King Birendra and all his household were massacred on1 June 2001 that shook the world. The Maoist came to his church, took all that Church had, including music system, water motor, vessels, chairs and blasting their only place of Worship, the Church to the ruins. Public said if you blast bomb in Church we will all together come to your party. Maoist then did not like the presence of Christian but wanted to get moral support from the public. He was humble like the sheep before her sheerer and did not protested a word who persecute him.

After the great earth quake, Ramesh and his wife is optimist that someday God will come along side with them and bless them, like He blessed Job. They are going through tough times once again, in helping others while taking care of their three small babies in the open field in the chilly cold. Today they need blanket, turfs, clothes, vessels, water motor and many other items. Ramesh seems optimistic even as his 2,000,000 Rupees Church building collapsed, he is dreaming to have good Church building in future in Lamosangu where he and his believers could stay together and worship the Lord. 

This is one of the lives of many Pastors in Nepal. There are more than seven thousand Pastors across Nepal who carry similar testimony like Ramesh, who humble themselves like the sheep humbles before the shearers.

Ramesh and other 7 Pastors in Sindhupalchwok needs your love, not just the words, relief supplies that includes food, blankets, tents and medicines. This opportunity is life time privileges to bless Pastors of Nepal because they deserve our attention, love and prayer. Please write to us today or call on how you can be a blessing to others or call directly to Pastor Ramesh at this number 977-984-129-9198.

Reuben Rai