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Blankets for Pastors

Dear Friend
In our recent visit to our Pastors in mountains of Makwanpur, I saw the heart melting situation of our brothers and sisters in Christ. They live and do ministry below basic resources.

This report is not so tender but I write this because I care about others and I hope you are reading this because you want to know the state of God's children in Nepal.

The true life of disciple is to go where Jesus sends us to go. Here is the report with images to help you understand the exact situation of our brothers and Sisters in Makwanpur. I think we should help them with blanket so that they can have at least a piece of clothes to sleep on. If any one have extra clothes to share with this children, you are most welcome. Please do so willingly and thinking that God will bless you for this. We are collecting clothes for these lovely children. Its an opportunity to bless them. We never become poor by giving. Read more ...