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2014 Aug Sept Oct Nov Ministry Report

Dear Friend world wide
I bring you ministry report of July August September October 2014. I have started to give more time to ministry so making a report is very big project for me. I want to thank you for your messages, prayers and financial support. Without your help we would not have done all these. It's because of you. So let us praise the Lord together. Here are the reports. Here we go...

Samaritan Purse We want to thank Samaritan Purse for distributing gifts to the Children in our Church in July. 50 or more children were very happy as they got toys, clothes, food and even $$ bill and writing materials. Children really do cherish gift items and I could see some of them sleeping with Micky Mouse and Teddy Bear. This is a great way to show that you love and care the little ones. You too can do like this to needy Children in Nepal. You can send gifts to Orphan Children for Christmas, here is the address, Rita Rai, GPO 8975, EPC 2030, Kathmandu, Nepal. We would love to hear from you.

Bible Distribution Ministry in Nepal
More than 250 Bible College students, Pastors and new converts were benefited from the Bible Distribution in August. All Bibles are received as a free gift from our Partners in Nepal and from around the world. Nepal doesn't print English Bible. There are more than 100 Bible Colleges, Seminaries, and short term bible school across the country and they do graduate thousands of new missionaries and workers in Nepal every year. These Bible College Students they have to buy Bible for their personal use, it is really a gift when you give them a copy of good English Bible free of charge. So you could be a blessing for Nepal if you collect Bibles and send to us. 50 years ago there were handful of Christians in Nepal, 20 years ago there were few numbers of Churches in some districts, today they say there are more than 2.5 million Christians in Nepal and still growing every day. You see the difference? I want you to be a part of the growing community of the saved ones in Nepal. 

Children Camp
Around 300 Children gathered for the Kids Camp in Kathmandu. Children from Churches in Kathmandu came with song, dance, game, quiz, talent and others. Face paint was really nice and Children loved it. It is the third camp and we are happy we are helping kids learn the Christian value; bring them in one place for friendship and growth in the faith. When you pray and support us you are also reaching reaching the children of Nepal with the Love of Jesus Christ.

New Converts and Baptism in Ramechap
I visited Ramechap and there were 14 new converts were water baptized and now witnessing the Lord Jesus Christ around the village. In the midst of the persecution or people groups who hate Christians, they are the light, shining in the dark. There was also a problem in Gelu when burying the dead because of other people objected and did not like Christian bury the dead and nearly fight broke out. There is no Christian cemetery in Nepal. Nepal is constantly going through cemetery problem. Hindu burned their dead bodies, Buddhist some time burn some time bury or some time cut the carcasses and feed to the birds. Christians in Nepal have increased but they do not have graveyard yet. Pray for the future of Christians in Nepal.

Alisha Dhimal Help
I want to thank all who participated in helping Alisha getting Cancer treatment. By the time we took her to the hospital it was too late, the disease has been spread to all the parts of her body. She had bone cancer and we tried to cut her entire leg as suggested by the Doctor but she and her parent didn't agree. Hospital told us to take her back to home which we did. I want to thank all who supported her financially and prayed for her. We purchase electric tuk-tuk for her father from the left over money, to use so that he can earn money to help his family. She passed away on 29 November 2014 and we are very saddened. We are also glad that she and her family member has accepted Jesus before her death.

Football/Sports Ministry
We had wonderful football ministry in past months. We played many games and share the gospel with players, prayed together. National players were reached with the gospel and some of the high level athletes have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior. I don't want to shout their names but we are doing well. What we need is Bible for the Athletes; please find some copies for us to hand them to the Athletes. Please remember that sport is a very big community and we need to reach there with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

October New House
We are so happy that we got a new house on rent near our old house. Now Reuel and Rosanna can sleep in their room. We are praying to God that as our need increases that God will supply all that we need to do His work in Nepal. We have some extra room for visitors too. Thank you for all your continued support. You are the reason for us to be here today. God is good and we love you.

Feeding in Church
We have a program call feeding and this is giving food to the needy on Church day whenever we have money to buy food. Many women come to Church with their baby from far away and they get hungry. Just as God has loved us we think that we should love our neighbor too. So we provide them food and snacks when the service is over. Our Church starts at 11AM and ends at 2 or later they do become hungry. Every one joins, they pray together, laugh, share, cry, counsel, deliverance, share the gospel to first comer and lead to Jesus. It's always a good time for fellowship.

World Race Volunteering
I personally thank world race for their help us in the ministry. They serve us, help us and do ministry with us and they pay us for food and housing. Our ministries and projects like orphanage, school, new church, evangelism, reaching out to cabin restaurants (sex worker), helping the poor to fix their houses, ministry in slums, sports, outreach has greatly been blessed. Nepal has broad areas of ministry need and we want more volunteering team to Nepal. We need help and helper.

Water filter system installed in Orphanage
We are very glad that we have water filter system installed in orphanage and our children can drink pure clean water. You know that Saroj got Typhoid and was hospitalized due to unclean water. Thank you to all for your help. Our Children and staffs are very happy to drink clean water. There is one more area to think about and help. If you could donate warm clothes for the orphans, that would be really kind of you. 4 Children and two young ladies need winter clothing. Give them a Christmas blessing. Their ages are 6, 7, 8, 9.

Solar Power to the Pastors
Nepal is rich in River but the government doesn't have enough money to produce electricity from its river. So there is power cut every day, 12 hours to 18 hours per day. Our Pastors living in village do not have electricity and only means of lightening their house is through Kerosene Lamp. So putting a solar panel in the house is a dream of every pastor but they just can't afford to put it in. One set cost 40000 Nepali rupees, around 440 US dollar. So there are 16 of us who need this. I really do wish that my Pastors get light through Solar in the house at night so that their children can study in light, cook, organize prayer meeting. But I can't just do it by myself. I know all of us need money and we have many things to buy. But we would be very happy if we could have the light through solar, to the Pastors house at least, who serve God and God's people day and night.

Need fund for extension of the rooms in orphanage and store house
We are building a small store house with two room next to the orphanage to keep cement, pipes and other things to keep safe from  sun light damage. We have not painted the outside wall of the orphanage and looking for help to do this. In February March we will like to put one more flat but it needs huge amount of money to put one storey in the orphanage. It will have more rooms to keep more children. Please consider this in your prayer.

10 years of ministry and celebration in Nepal
We will be celebrating 10 years of our ministry in Nepal in 28-31, January 2015. The lord has blessed us countless number of blessing and we really don't have words to explain how thankful we are for God's guidance, protection, supply, and grace and ministry development. All glory to God. Well, I have very lot of things to share with you, but I want to wrap it up now and see you soon again.

I always want to read your email. Your email, your prayer and your support has continuously inspired me to share the Love of God in Nepal. May the Lord bless you very richly in your health, income and in ministry.
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There are more to come along this report. You need to write me back to see other photos.