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Get to know what God is doing in Nepal

Get to know what God is doing in Nepal/Ministry report from 2012 July-Aug-Sept,


My Dear Friend

Jai Mashi in the precious name of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you what God is doing in Nepal. I also want to thank you for your prayer and financial support without which we would not have come to this far. Bible Distribution Ministry NepalAll Glory to God. Thank you for your continued prayed. We did these because of you supported us.

Bible Distribution Ministry

We are the one that distribute Bibles freely to needy people in Nepal. The number of request is overwhelmed. Just one month in August in 2012 we were able to distribute more than 500 copies of Bibles and we have new names listed for the Bibles. So we need Bibles.

Growing number of new converts, large number of students joining Bible Colleges to do ministry and awareness to the genuine translation of the scripture has made the huge demand for the Bibles in Nepal. We need partners who can provide us Bibles of any amount.

Nepali and English Bibles are distributed every Sunday in Koteshwor in Kathmandu. I want to give thank to all who have provided the Bibles for Nepal. We have been able to bless more than 1200 people in July August and September and still people are coming from around Nepal to grab their free copy of English Bible. What a blessing this is to share the word of God with them.

Children Conference in Kusunti, Kathmandu

We have never heard about Children conference in Nepal. We organized Children Conference in July and there were more children then we have expected. Most of the Children wanted to share Ministry R. Children conferencesome thing about what they feel with Jesus Christ. Some of them presented beautiful dance on the Christian songs. We emphasis on adult conference but ignore the children meetings who would one day shine like stars for Jesus. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Mathew 19:14. I love Children, orphans and the poor.

Prison Ministry in Bhimphedi

In June, we had a prison ministry in Bhimphedi, one of the old Prisons in Nepal. It was 4 hours drive from Kathmandu and we had a good meeting. Prison officer was so kind so he let us take some photographs inside the prison cells. I believe it was a special kind of favor from the Lord. We sang some songs through which many were touched, share the word of God and it was great encouragement to some Christian prisoners who were already there. We gave books, Bibles and book rack as a token of love to them. We provided them Basmati rice and fried Chicken to them and Soda and cool orange juice and everybody was so happy. Do you know where this verse is, "Remember those in prison as if they were your fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." I remember thatMinistry R. Prison Ministry in Nepal 25 years ago in Nepal, if one Christian meet with another Christian, they become so happy and treat the visitor just like he is treating to an Angel. Likewise, when we visit Prison Christian there treats us like they found an Angel.

Prison Ministry needs are the Bibles and books. One Nepali Bible can be purchase with 3 US dollar per copy.

(# If you are forwarding this report, please delete prison update, specially the photo, for security reason, otherwise we and the officer who gave permission to take photos will be in trouble.)

Christian Resource Materials in Nepal

I want to thank and honor Christian Resource International for sending us books, Bibles, commentaries and dictionaries which cost thousands of dollars to send them to Nepal. And I also want to thank each one who has contributed the resources for Nepal. Your books and Bibles are thankfully accepted and well read.

Bible School in Kathmandu

Ministry R. Bible School graduation9th Batch of Bible School was organized in Kathmandu from August 21-September 21. There were 18 Students from different parts of Nepal. They learn about Christian Life, Church Planting, Finances, and urgency of the gospel and fulfilling great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15. I look back to the School, and we found that we have already trained and sent 118 Students to the ministry field. Some of them are become Pastor, Evangelists, Bible Teachers, Youth leaders, and minister of the gospel. This is because you prayed for us and supported. Jesus said, "Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:23. I came to know one more thing on this, Nothing is hard if we work together.

Apart from this subject, Students also learn how to make ministry movie, working in photos, how to write email and use facebook. They learn how to make blog and website. So it was also a great time of learning computers. They all were happy to be there.

Baptism and new converts

There were four people who were baptized in water in September. They are from my Church. Sudip Baptize 12 people, many more people are waiting to be baptized. More than 30 people gave their life to Jesus in August September. This is the result of your prayer and support.

The World Race and the home stay

Let me introduce you the World Race. World Race travels 11 countries in 11 month. Each country they go they help local church and ministries with whatever way they can, except money. But they pay for food and lodging. We also have home stay and people come to stay in our guest house. We accept only Christians.

Retreat Program 2012

We had 80 ex-students in the 2nd Ex-students retreat program 2012 in Kathmandu. In this retreat program, ex-students who are now in ministry shared their ministry report, their challenges, their problems and their victories. It was the time of sweet worship together, dance, drama, songs, and messages. Every one stood in the pulpit and shared their time with others. It was wonderful and emotional time of reunion. Ministry R. Dance at retreat program

Someone said after I went back from the Bible School I went to preach the gospel with friends and we brought 80 people to the Lord. Others said we baptized 12 people. Some other said I could not do anything like you did and he burst into tears. He said he has nothing like these to share in the sharing time. Some made plan to go to beyond the mountains where there has not been any gospel preached. The numbers of God's servant are growing. Harvest truly is ripe but the laborers are few. God is at work in Nepal. He is rising new generation of leaders from everywhere. This nation was in dark for thousands of years, now lights are beginning to spread and people are seeing it. Retreat program was the time of ministry report and what God is doing in Nepal. Even the students were very happy to be here in the retreat.

We have not yet paid all the bills of the retreat program. We need to pay it and we have not. Please help us.


Upcoming programs and prayer

We have some prayer request. The scripture promise us that Ask and it shall be given unto you. Whatever is impossible with men is possible with God. Prayer changes the heart of the people and also the situation. Please agree with us for the following programs and ministries.

Orphanage House

We are building the orphanage from October 9 and we need fund to continue the work. We need at least 7000 US dollar to finish the ground floor which is the second phase. We need to make prayer hall, kitchen, and a sitting room, and parking and bathroom outside the building. We hope to finish this before the Christmas 2012. If you are the new reader and visitor to this report and want to contribute some then please contact us. Orphanage is located in Urlabari in Morang in East Nepal and we have 8 Children waiting to come home that you would prepare for them.

Football and Sport Outreach

Ministry R. Bible School 2012 KathmanduWe are participating in 2nd Mechi Gold Cup International football tournament in Kakadvitta and in 2nd Duhabi Gold Cup Football Tournaments in Duhabi in Sunsari in east Nepal from October 14. We are privileged to be a part of this game. We have 20 thousand copies of gospel tracts ready for the events and some Bibles. Bibles are not enough though and we want to purchase some Bibles to distribute in this football game. Please help us buy more Bibles. Help us reach the unreached youth of Nepal with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We are going to east Nepal on the early morning of 8th October. Name of our football club is Church Boys United Kathmandu., so please pray as we go for sports outreach.

School in Dungundge

We are building the School right now and we need fund to continue to build the school so that children can study. We will teach them about the Bibles. This school is located in Dungdunge in Ilam and needs your support. Children of this village live under the Kerosene lamp, with no electricity, no market, no transportation and no school. Nearest School is two hour in walk through the river which is very dangerous for the School Children. Some part of the School has been completed.

Pastors and Children Support

We have been supporting Pastors and leaders in Nepal. One Pastor can be supported per month just with 80 dollar in village. If we do not spend money we would probably not reach Nepal for the gospel. Anu Magar, Sumitra Magar, need support to go to School. Please pray and consider supporting these children with 20 dollar a month.

I want to thank you for your prayer and support once again. Without your help we would not have come this far. Please share with us what are your prayer needs and we would commit all requests to the Lord in prayer.

Co-worker with you

From the rented house in Kathmandu

Reuben Rai


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