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2012 Jan-April Ministry Photos

Children of Makwanpur
Orphan girl in Makwanpur she need help
Christ disciple in Kohalpur in west Nepal
Returning from Gelu in Ramechap
Sport team game
Children seat together for food in Makwanpur
Film show in Gelu Ramechap
Baptism of 84 year old man
Moving shop
Three wheel Ricksaw in west Nepal
Icecream on sale in hot Terai
People stranded in strike
Gospel tract distribution
Cloth distribution to children in Kathmandu
Drama in Youth conference
Reuben in Youth Conference
youth Conference
Sleeping on the floor
Thirteen year of age married couple
Gospel dance in Makwanpur
Children of Makwanpur seat in line for food
Praying for demon possesed girl
Children and mother with no food and cloth
School children crossing river
Christ disciples in Tibet
Adam and Anisah
School in Dungdunge in Nepal
New Church starting
Night Gospel Meeting
Singing Gospel Song
Sharing Christian booklet to elderly
Church with no roof in Makwanpur
Prison Ministry Photo Kathmandu
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